JW Marriott Marquis Shanghai

JW Marriott Marquis Shanghai

Hotel / China / HBA Singapore / Completed in 2019


Being the fourth JW Marriott properties bestowed with the title of “Marquis” in the world after Miami, Dubai, and Doha, JW Marriott Marquis Shanghai continues to offer exceptional sophistication across the highest level of technology, comfort, and design. Leveraging the hotel’s unique location adjacent to the Huangpu River, HBA infuses the concept of flowing water into the interior design, bringing the guests onto a calming and immersive journey back to nature.

The concept of the overall architecture and interior design of the hotel is inspired by the dynamics of the river, light and water ripples. With the changes of the sunrise and sunset on the riverside, the space is natural, fresh, flowing and with surging energy. With the original intention of Marriott to bring hotel guests the ingenious service experience, the design presents the atmosphere of local culture in a modern and simple way describing the modern city's fashion, elegance and unique personality of space. The most distinctive highlight of the entire hotel is the lobby area with the 60 meters high ceiling shaped like the alphabet “A”. In line with the light beige walls of the atrium, the smooth curves echoing the waters of the Huangpu River are reflected in both architecture and interior design.


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